An Imaginary Admirer

I turned a Radio in front of me, I looked for wave to hear a good music in this night. Suddenly my hand stopped when I heard a song from Evanescence with the song “Bring Me To Life”. The song remembered me for a memory of concert in my campus. At the moment, I remembered my friends that joined with me, like Alias, Raman, and the last… Diko. He is very handsome, cute, kind. His present spread enchantment in my heart.

“Ah Diko!” I didn’t save my heart a long time. If yesterday I met him, maybe to night you could inside me. When I need someone beside me and you will become my own. At the moment I remember again of memory night ago. You sit beside me, looked my face and gave your hand to introduce. I was feeling my heart moved when you hold my hand invite me to dance. In there you were shape me from several of the people. Your give attention and a kindness for my heart y entice day.
Suddenly my imagine was cut off when I heard the telephone rang in the living room, the phone was for me. I felt the happiness that night when I heard Diko voice the sound was soft in my head and left that a scar in my heart. Diko, I love you and I Miss you. His joke, his notice, his story about campus activity, his hobby, etc, that make me falling in love with him. The fact told me that Diko has been full of my transition after Aris hurt my heart. As long we connected by telephone and massage, our relation become closer.
I opened my eyes, when a clock rang over and over. It push me to full fill my promise to meet Diko in campus cafeteria. When we met at the first time. I make some hope I miss for him so much. I was cluster word by word to draw attention and made this meeting more then from the first time. Suddenly Diko come with his friend. Like a thunderclap in day light, when Diko introduce his girl friend. My heart was broken when I heard everything. The meeting was give answer in order to save the imagine hope. ***

By : Dsk

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