Just for you By Richard Cocciante

I can’t stay now, I’m just wait now
My hand they grow so impatient
Many things I’ve got to do now
for the first ray of the morning

Though she dreams in peacefull slumber
Sleep to me just doesn’t come
When she wakes I’ll try to tell her
Everything I’ve to say

And the night so dark inside me
Makes me finally understand
Where the love that she has given
She can light the sky forever

It’s the way she gives so freely
It’s the way she takes my hand
I’ll just ask the sunshine brightly
Got to see her smile again

Then I’ll sing the song I’ve written
And I’ll make the whole world listen
In the silence just for you
Like no one has ever heard

And I’ll wake up all the lovers
And I’ll keep them back for hours
And we’ll do the things we’ve wanted
The way that lovers do

Then we’ll run to the street
And we’ll start to dance like crazy
Though she wants only to feel joy
It’s the love she give and need

And we’ll take me tab of chorus
And we’ll paint the street and building
Rainbow colors everyone
Though she wants colors to see

And we’ll take all field of flowers
Make the street alive with spring
Make the place where lovers go
To love the way like lovers do

Then we’ll fly to the sky
And we chose we trought the stars
And our stars will tell the whole world
The love we had, we are …

The love we share is sweet
The love we know is real
That love is not a dream
but last a life time long

Because your love and mine we give
Without gleaming holdng in
And love that we have given
Return to ask the wind

Cause your love for me
Is not beginning and the end
Your love and mine is now
for me …  forever

Ini lirik lagu yang bagus banget bisa mendamaikan hati.

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